From TEDx speaker:
Laura Payne-Stanley

Invest 40 days & you’ll walk away with a bespoke desire-led marketing strategy that has clients falling over themselves to work with you!

Without spending your life stuck to social media, trying every tactic and having even less time to do the things you love

Amazing marketing strategy isn’t theory… they are the difference between million-pound businesses and… hot mess expensive hobbies!

Do you ever watch other businesses effortlessly attracting dream clients and making sales easily and end up wondering
“What am I doing wrong?

It’s like everyone else knows the secret sauce for attracting clients that are willing to spend the money.

Well, the reality is this:

Whether you are currently selling (or want to sell) 1-2-1 services, high end consulting or mentoring, online courses, group coaching, membership or a passive income stream…

It’s not good enough to just have a great product

Think about it

You can be a Michelin star chef in the remote countryside, service the best meals in all the land. But if no-one knows about you, or your services, then they are not going to come through the door.


The Happy Cheese Pub down the road, who knows how to market is full, whilst their product is NOT great!

If you are:

And then simply adding them to your website, and waiting for the money to roll in.....

You’re leaving easy money on the table...

And if you are doing this, how is that working so far?  Common amongst people I work with, is that they are GREAT at what they do, but the answer would be NO as the sales don’t reflect their expert status.

This is all ok! Look if we know we are leaving money on the table, then great, because we also now know that you can reach out a hand and welcome it.

And get ready to welcome that money when your future client has their desires activated, and can’t wait to hit that button or sign up to pay you due to…

Desire-led Marketing

A powerful desire-led marketing strategy doesn’t just make more sales it also:

  • Increases visibility as an expert in your industry
  • Reduces the number of emails/ social media posts and content needed
  • Eliminates the “stress” of launch by having people who can’t wait to buy from you
  • Creates evergreen sequences that you can use time and time again
  • Increases the lifetime value of a future client
  • And it does all this with ease, as the future clients are drawn to you!

Your marketing campaign will seduce people to want to work with you 24/7!

And when you look around at the peers of your industry who seem to have effortless launches, and make money whilst at the beach, or whilst binge watching on Netflix..

They ALL have marketing strategy that draws their audience to them in a way that they say:

And if your marketing strategy isn’t doing this, they obviously it’s more work for you and likely, less money in too!

The #1 mistake entrepreneurs make in marketing:

When entrepreneurs desire to sell more of their product or services, they overcompensate with more.  More stuff – throwing endless free “stuff” at their audience.
More content – sending out many more emails, or more posts in the hope of a sale.  And if you’re doing this, you risk alienating your audience all together.
And you already know that pushy selling, does NOT result in sales.
Throwing more of the same out dated marketing tactics at the audience doesn’t work.

Meanwhile, you’re sitting there, bamboozled and frustrated of why your great service or product just isn’t standing out and you’re stuck...

After the last 19 years in marketing working on million dollar campaigns to start up launches, the answer is as clear and simple as this:

You aren’t in the pushy sales business.

You are in the desire-led marketing business!

Your business
NEEDS to be good at marketing.

How else do you expect people to give you money EXCITEDLY if they can’t actually find you in the first place?

But when you keep “outsourcing” this key business strategy to an outsider, you and your business never LEARNS how to draw future customers, TO YOU! 

So what happens, when you keep the same turnover year after year?

Or you launch a new service or product to crickets?

You are back to where you started, minus the outsourced fee of £5000.

But, when you LEARN and MASTER the skills and strategy to draw customers to you, you can apply that skill in any future project.


We’ve all purchased courses before and you’re probably thinking... "But how will this course be different?"

Great Question!

Because most courses are created with a push energy. For you to do more “stuff” in order to sell more.

But there has never been a more important time to understand the shifts that have happened and created your own client attraction marketing machine!

And I’m checking in that you want MORE sales and not less, right?

The reality is, that push marketing is dead.  The now and the future is about desire-led marketing.

The audience is bored of cookie cutter push marketing and sleazy sales tactics.

So now, that you see just how vital pull marketing is to your business, you may begin to feel a little daunting and intimidating of making this happen….

Do you suffer from being a Digital Dinosaur?

If you’re like most who have read this far, you are starting to feel the possibility of creating desire-led marketing for your business, that will be in integrity and free up more of your time…. but you might be starting to wonder about the technology side of desire-led marketing.

“How am I supposed to make this happen?”

I’ve got you. And technology can be so daunting. But here is a little “insider tip” between you and me: 

Client attraction campaigns aren’t hundreds of pages of strategy

They are created using systems

In bitesize chunks

A question that I get asked a lot:



Activate one desire at a time.

Plus there is a specific ORDER to each of the steps to activate desire. And…. each desire MUST be activated for your specific ideal client.

So what if you had a step-by –step instruction manual for how to activate desire for your ideal clients?  Imagine if you could follow these steps with an easy to follow system…. EVEN  you’ve never created a cohesive marketing campaign in your life?

No more creating endless content!

No more wondering why your efforts aren’t converting!

No more wasting time or money!

Imagine for just a moment...

… that you had a step-by-step process for creating your own bespoke marketing campaign, that talks directly to your future client.

…imagine you could create content, knowing that it cuts through the noise, and brings you in consistent new clients for your product or service?

… imagine doubling the lifetime value of your existing clients, so the money comes in as ease as sending 1 email…

You would have a complete & supremely powerful client attraction machine in just 40 days from RIGHT NOW!

And you already know that once it’s done… it’s done!  You’d never have to create this again! In fact our students use the exact system as the foundation manual for their ongoing business success.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Well, you don’t have to “imagine” any longer. Because… it’s here.


The easy to follow system for creating your client attraction machine from scratch… or your money back

1 – Lively training videos that guide you through the client attraction machine process from start to finish

2 –  Plug and play course workbooks that take the hassle out of creating your bespoke strategy

3 – Steal my entire sales funnel design that makes me money every single day

Because your products & services need to be found & DESIRED by your future customers!

It’s time to give your marketing the high-performing makeover it deserves!

See what’s waiting for you inside once you become a student of Brand Seduction...

Training 1
Know your Ideal Client

At the heart of brand seduction is the founding principle to get greater return on investment for your marketing, and ultimately make more money.

And to do this we need to first look at your ideal client.

Imagine how much easier and fun it will be to create your marketing, when you know exactly what they desire, and how to cut through the noise.

And you are not just getting the “recipe” for how to do this, I’m giving you the formula for how to identify which clients are profitable too!

Training 2
Attention Strategies

We dive into initial phase of the Brand Seduction model and understand how the Pro’s get attention through their marketing.  When you’ve been doing marketing for as long as I have, over 19 years you learn what works and what is a time and money suck.

I’ll be sharing with you how to master the inner game of seeking attention so there are no internal blocks before we dive into the science of attention. At a neuroscience level what and how your audience need from you, in order to gain their attention.

You’ll also discover my unique approach to attention strategies and how to work out, what specific attention strategy works in your industry.

Training 3
Intrigue Marketing

“It’s not just enough to get attention from your audience… it’s Gotta convert into cash, right?”

Today, we have a limited attention space, and what will separate you from your competitors is not just the ability to get the attention of your future clients, but how to hold that and convert.

Think about it, when did you last buy a high level service that felt like budget marketing?  You didn’t right?

So how do you convert attention to intrigue?  Through the intrigue step by step build sequence!

Inside Fundamentals of Intrigue Marketing, I’ll walk you through how to create your own intrigue build sequence the results in the sale.

Training 4
Desire Activation

Desire is possibility and desire is an emotive state.  You’ve heard I’m sure that emotion wins over rational thought every time, so how do we activate the emotive state of desire in your future clients?

Such an important topic is this, that it’s why I’m including a step by step process for uncovering what your future client desires when booking you.  And whether you are a financial advisor to a VA, you can follow these directions that will explode the conversion of your current marketing.

You’ll also walk away with a strategic plan to activate that desire within your future client, that will have them THRILLED to pay your feeds.

Training 5
Experience your Magic

Every brand alive has a client journey path, from the moment a future clients first touch point, right up until the day they purchase from you and beyond.

Inside Experience your Magic, you will not just map out your client journey, you are going to create a plan of how to turn your client experience into an explosive part of your marketing campaign.

Imagine how much easier and fun it will be to marketing your offerings with brand enthusiastic acting as your marketing team for you.

Training 6
Sweet spot of Success

Client acquisition and selling to a cold audience is part of running a successful business. But it is just that a part of running a business and not the whole solution.

Think about it, how many times once you love a brand have you returned to be a repeat purchase customer of bought other additional items.   The mastery phase of brand seduction when you turn your marketing into an infinity loop of sales, repeat purchases and continued marketing.

So how do you create a professional desire-led marketing system without breaking the bank with outsourcing?!

A simple and easy to follow technology formula that anyone no matter how technology proficient or digital dinosaur they are.

Plus I reveal the top technology quick wins that will change your marketing life!

Enrol in


Only £697 


The Seduction Guarantee

The fact that you are reading this section means you already know that creating your client attraction machine, will increase your sales and give you back more time, but perhaps you still have a bit of doubt. I get it….

Like “It sounds great, but is it too good to be true?”

Well, try it!

Test-drive Brand Seduction for 13 Days

When you enrol , you’ll have 13 days to go through the program so far, and if for whatever reason… and I mean any reason… you don’t feel like this was the best investment you’ve made to turn your marketing into a client attraction machine, simply email [email protected] and we’ll gladly refund your entire investment.

OK, Let's Recap!

When you join Brand Seduction, you’ll receive EVERYTHING you need to create a powerful client attraction machine to increase sales or your money back

1 – Lively training videos that guide you through the client attraction machine process from start to finish

2 –  Plug and play course workbooks that take the hassle out of creating your bespoke strategy

3 – Steal my entire sales funnel design that makes me money every single day

Only £697

In case there’s anything I missed, here are some commonly asked questions!

HELL YES!  If you think you need to have launched your service first, then you are thinking about it backwards.  The beautiful thing about this system is that it works for new and established entrepreneurs.  So yes, if you are new and haven’t launched yet, this is 100% for you too!

Ultimately it is up to you.  But if you give me 40 days you will walk away with my client attraction system that makes me money every single day, even when I’m  binge watching Netflix.

You will have lifetime access.  All you have to do is log in to your member portal and Brand Seduction will be there, with the Introduction and Training #1.

Upon completing your enrolment, you will receive an email immediately.  Your purchase includes lifetime updates on all material and the course will be shared with you over the next 6 weeks.

Yes!  And I encourage all established entrepreneurs to do so.  Because I understand the value of new level new devil, and the issues that can arise with raising your rates and changing your sales processes to continue to convert at a high level.